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This Tropical Ephemeral Mural was created to bring joy to the Parc du Petit-Rapide in Beloeil. This mural (2.5 x 2.5 meters) was realized on the 21 of June with Dulux exterior acrylic paint. It was part of a project aimed to bring a new mural to Beloeil each Tuesday from June 21 to August 9, 2022.  Amadoodle had the honour to be selected to be part of this project!

Tropical Ephemeral Mural

Produced at the Fab City Montreal Festival in August 2021. The mural was painted in front of the Fab City Campus on the sidewalk of L'Esplanade Street in Montreal, Canada. The painting (12 x 12 feet) was done in gouache. The message I wanted to share was to take care of the planet, to raise awareness about our impact on the planet. Our smallest action can have a big impact. That's why I symbolically painted the branches sprouting from hands and flowers blooming through them. Because as flowers bloom in nature, we can also bloom into a newer and more conscious version of ourselves.

Fab City Mural

Floral Fence mural by Amadoodle with the assistance of Adrien. June 2021 in Montreal, Canada.

Floral Fence Mural

Surprise mural collab with HeR & Origami Explorateur for Amadoodle's sister birthday! November 2020 in Montreal, Canada.

Collab Mural

Wings Mural by Amadoodle, winner in the “L’art fait escale” art contest- adult category 2020 in Canada.

Wings Mural

Amadoodle participated in the chalk street art contest in January 2020 in Atlantida, Uruguay.

Chalk Mural

Paper Planes Mural by Amadoodle and Vito - her little cousin. January 2019 in Uruguay.

Paper Planes Mural

The mural was designed to embellish English Land Institute in Uruguay. Featuring UK landmarks and  Amadoodle touch - the floral motifs and touches of gold. The size was 12'x4' and it was made using acrylic inca paint, interior paint, posca markers and spray varnish to protect the mural.

English Land Institute Mural

Amadoodle painted "Flores de Tehuana Mural" in July 2021. The mural was designed for a Mexican restaurant, Tacos Frida in Montreal. The flowers being important in the identity on her works and the owners homeland, she was therefore inspired by the flower motifs of Tehuana. The mural was made using Amsterdam acrylic paint, Posca markers and MTN 94 varnish. 5'x8' main mural and a 16' long mural accompanies the main mural.

Tacos Frida Mural

Red-Crested Cardinal mural by Amadoodle with the assistance of her mum. May 2021 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Red-Crested Cardinal Mural

Zentangle Tropical Murals by Amadoodle -October 2020 in Montreal,Canada.

Zentangle Tropical Murals

Abstract Mural by Amadoodle painted for fun in Rouen Legal Wall. July 2020 in Montreal, Canada.

Abstract Mural

Grandparents Mural by Amadoodle telling the story of her grandparents that emigrated from Spain to Uruguay. Painted in January  2020, Uruguay.

Grandparents Mural

Hot Air Balloon Mural by Amadoodle and Vito - her little cousin. January 2018 in Uruguay.

Hot Air Balloon Mural

Mural produced during the first edition of the Concordia University Student Union (CSU) Mural Festival in September 2021, in Montreal. The theme of this mural was "Where flowers bloom, so does hope". The wall installation was 4 x 8 feet made of plywood panels. The painting was done using MTN 94 spray paint, Posca markers, and MTN 94 varnish.

CSU Mural Fest

Amadoodle assisted Terrasse Crescent Mural by Valérie Larivière commissioned by XP_MTL. July 2021 in Montreal, Canada.

Terrasse Crescent Mural

The “jungle” of Lolo & Felipe mural by Amadoodle with the assistance of her family. May 2021 in Canelones, Uruguay.

The Jungle of Lolo & Felipe Mural

Interactive Dog Mural by Amadoodle. Created for YesMtl Pop-up exhibition. September 2020 in Montreal,Canada.

Interactive Dog Mural

Ocean Mural by Amadoodle and Vito - her little cousin. February 2020 in Uruguay.

Ocean Mural

Custom mural for Latin American Student Organization from Concordia University painted by Amadoodle. December 2019 in Montreal, Canada.

LASO Concordia Mural

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